The Church Of England’s $10.5 Billion Fund Will Now Invest In Cannabis

When Shavo Odadjian, bassist of the band System of a Down,

told me
he was launching a cannabis strain called “Church,” I could not help but find it funny.

Weed and religion don’t go together, I thought.

However, a Leafly article by Natán Ponieman
suggested otherwise
. “Moderation seems to be the key to the enjoyment of non-medical cannabis in the Christian tradition,” he wrote.

In an exclusive conversation, Ponieman explained that, when you look
at it from a historical perspective, “there is nothing in the basis of
Christianity against medicine. Jesus himself was (and still is for many,
today) a healer.

“The default relationship one would normally trace between the big
churches and prohibitionism has more to do with their historical role as
political agents, than it has to do with any directive derived from
their core value system.”

A few months after my conversation with Shavo, and Ponieman’s article
came out, I met Joy Smith, a grandmother who went from preaching the
Lord’s word as a Christian minister, to preaching the benefits of pure
CBD as a hemp entrepreneur –

full story on Forbes

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